PREMARK Information & Specs

PreMark is a Preformed Thermoplastic that is available in 125 mil material for lines and 90 mil material for symbols, letters and logos.  It is one of two types of preformed thermoplastic available in the US.  Hot Tape is the other. It is a “top heat” only product meaning that you are not required to preheat the surface to a specific temperature.  (Note – warming the surface with a torch prior to installation is recommended to dry out any moisture) This product also features heat indentions on the top to let you know when the material has been properly melted.  To install this product on asphalt you simply lay it down on the surface and heat it from the top until the built in indentions fill in.  To install on cement or concrete you prime first with a one part primer and then lay the material down and melt it.  After installing you do a chisel test to verify the material is adhered.

The major advantage of this product is simplicity.  It is easy to install and if done properly should always give consistent results.  An installer needs only basic training to put the product down.


  • PreMark does not require the surface to be preheated to a specific temperature.  Hot Tape does. Because of this, PreMark is simpler to install.  Especially on asphalt.
  • PreMark has indentions in the surface that fill in as the material is melted. This helps the installer know when enough heat has been used and the product is melted properly.
  • PreMark is thicker (125 mil lines) and will last longer.
  • Because PreMark is a top heat only product, you can lay out your material or lines all at one time and heat as you go.


  • Primer must be used on cement or concrete.  (not needed with Hot Tape) Does not require primer on asphalt.
  • Not available in rolls.  Only in flats or strips.  Each strip is 3 feet long.  Shipped in flat packs.
  • Slightly more expensive than Hot Tape
  • Because PreMark is thicker it takes a little longer to melt through.