HOW TO ORDER “Premark” Preformed Thermoplastic (OFFLINE Method)

To place an order for our Premark preformed thermoplastic simply following the steps below –

  1. Click Here to pull up our Premark price list.
  2. Either create an email or if you prefer, fill out this form.
  3. List the items you wish to purchase either in your email or on the form you printed. Include the prices and also include the shipping amount on this form.  (see below)  
  4. Shipping will be on a pallet coming from North Carolina.  Prices are as follows.


  • Yellow – $150
  • Brown – $200
  • Green – $250
  • Burgundy – $300
  • Orange – $325

6.  Add 5% for sales tax to the order.  Tax applies to products and shipping.

7. Email your order to us at or fax it to 888-789-5422.  You can also call us at 850-934-3157.  You can include your credit card information or we can call you for this information and run the order.