HOT TAPE Information & Specs

Hot Tape is a 90 or 125 mil preformed thermoplastic.  It comes in rolls which makes shipping and handling easier.  It is one of two types of preformed available in the United States.  Premark is the other type.  Hot Tape has the advantage of being able to be applied to asphalt or cement with no sealer required.  This means that all you need is a roll of Hot Tape and a torch and you will be able to mark asphalt or cement with a quality thermoplastic product.  Hot Tape is applied by first heating the pavement to a specific temperature, laying down the product and then continuing to heat until a bond is formed. After installing you do a chisel test to verify the material is adhered. Since the pavement provides the heat for initially melting the product an excellent bond is formed.  This being said, it is very important that enough heat is used to melt the product.  An infrared thermometer is highly recommended to monitor the surface temperature. Also, you will want to work with only as much area as you can heat at one time.  (2-3 square feet)


  • Hot Tape does not require a primer when applied to cement or concrete.  Premark does.  (Neither require a primer on asphalt.)
  • Because the surface is heated first, an excellent bond is created every time.  Also, preheating insures that the surface is very dry.
  • Hot Tape is available in rolls which makes shipping, storing and handling easy.  Just pull what you need off the roll and store the rest.
  • Hot Tape is less expensive per linear foot.


  • Hot Tape requires that the surface be heated first prior to the material being laid down.  Because of this you are only able to work with about three feet of material at a time.
  • An infrared thermometer needs to be used to insure that the surface is hot enough to begin the melting process when the material is laid down.